Don't Date the Haunted

Quiz: Which Genre Are You?

A personality quiz to determine where you’d live in Novel

Way back when I was first planning to publish “Don’t Date the Haunted,” I thought it would be fun to make a personality quiz that explores where fans would live in Novel.

I looked high and low for a quiz site that would accept this particular style of quiz, but even a coder said this would be super complicated to code.

There are only 15 questions, but some responses have multiple answers, so it’s helpful to keep track. Here’s a little template to help:

ChildrenTally Marks:

When I go to the library or book store, I gravitate MOST toward these novels:

  • Children
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Western

My favorite movies are MOST often:

  • Children
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Western

Alright, those answers were pretty obvious which lands they referred to. For the next questions, pick your answer then highlight the >(space)< to know which lands to tally.

My life is a(n):

  • Learning Opportunity >(Children)<
  • Adventure >(Fantasy)<
  • Haunting >(Horror)<
  • Mystery Case >(Mystery)<
  • Romance >(do you really need me to tell you which land to tally?)<
  • Experiment >(Sci-Fi)<
  • Thrill >(Thriller)<
  • Round-Up >(Western)<

Be honest with yourself, if you could skip ahead in a story, you’d skip to the…

  • Resolution >(Children)<
  • Magical scenes >(Fantasy)<
  • Scary/gory scenes >(Horror)<
  • Twist reveal >(Mystery)<
  • Romantic scenes >(Romance)<
  • Technological scenes >(Sci-Fi)<
  • Action scenes >(Thriller)<
  • Description paragraphs >(Western)<

Magic is:

  • Not real >(Romance, Horror, Western, Thriller)<
  • Awesome! >(Fantasy, Children)<
  • A tool >(Sci-Fi, Mystery)<

When I fall in love:

  • I take time to sort out my feelings >(Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller)<
  • I fall faster than the rain >(Children, Fantasy, Romance, Western)<

In a significant other, I’m MOST attracted to:

  • Looks >(Romance, Western)<
  • Smarts >(Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi)<
  • Talents >(Children, Fantasy, Thriller)<

True or False:  I don’t mind getting scared

  • True, I find little scares natural and interesting >(Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller)<
  • False! Don’t scare me! >(Children, Romance, Western)<

What would be your dream job?

  • Just doing what I’m good at >(Horror, Thriller)<
  • Parenting >(Children, Romance)<
  • Something that requires my intellect >(Mystery, Sci-Fi)<
  • Something that takes me places >(Fantasy, Western)<

Where would your ideal home be?

  • Near the center of the biggest city around >(Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller)<
  • Rural, with lots of space to explore >(Fantasy, Romance, Western)<
  • Suburbs are the perfect fit >(Children, Horror)<

I prefer stories:

  • About real life >(Thriller, Mystery, Western)<
  • With just a flair of magic >(Horror, Romance)<
  • The more imaginative, the better! >(Fantasy, Children’s, Sci-fi)<

My ideal pet would be a:

  • Dragon >(Fantasy)<
  • Horse >(Western)<
  • Work dog >(Mystery, Thriller)<
  • Small cat >(Romance)<
  • Robot >(Sci-fi)<
  • Anything I could play with >(Children)<
  • None >(Horror)<

I’d live in the:

  • Past >(Romance, Western, Fantasy)<
  • Present >(Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Children)<
  • Future >(Sci-Fi)<

Alright, almost done! Total up your areas. Your highest score is where you live. If you’re tied, you choose. Now, for your sub-genre:

I enjoy reading:

  • Historical novels >If you got…
    • Children or Thriller, add “Historical”
    • Fantasy, add “Fairy” or “Middle Novel”
    • Horror or Western, add “Classic”
    • Mystery, add “Noir” or “Who Dunnit”
    • Romance, add “Regency”
    • Sci-Fi, add “Steampunk”<
  • Modern novels >If you got…
    • Children, Horror, Romance, Thriller, or Western add “Contemporary”
    • Fantasy, add “Urban”
    • Mystery, add “Cozy” or “Professional”
    • Sci-Fi, add “Futuristic”<

If you have a tie or close 2nd place winner, then use this next answer to add the appropriate sub-genre to the 2nd place as the land where you were born. If your first place was a clear winner, then your 2nd place is a land that fascinates you.

I consider myself:

  • Old fashioned >(Historical)<
  • Hip >(Modern)<

For example: you scored 6 points in Romance and 5 points in Horror, enjoy reading Modern novels, but consider yourself old fashioned, that means you live in Contemporary, Romance, but were born in Classic, Horror. 🙂

Feel free to share your results on your social media, and attach this post so people know what you’re talking about! I’d love to hear your results and thoughts on them!

If there’s a way to improve this quiz, please let me know. This is definitely not a concrete version.

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