Want a Free Book Review?

I love meeting authors no matter how new or established they are! I’d love to help spread the word about your book on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and Amazon!

Books I like to read

I read for multiple reasons and in multiple formats. I look for and enjoy reading:

  • Well-written and developed characters, plot, and setting
  • Stories with action/suspense, humor, and romance under any genre except erotica. If the story only has one of those three, I likely won’t finish it.
  • PG-13 range or under
    • If your book would make an R-rated film, I likely won’t finish it. Sure, give me gore and sensitive topics, but no detailed sex and limited swearing (fewer than 2 F-bombs).
    • I make rare exceptions for this if there’s enough clean humor to balance the violence (such as Michaelbrent Collings’ books) or the book is brilliant enough for a Pulitzer (like “House of Leaves,” “1984,” or “Dracula“). See my books labeled as “vulgar” for other examples.

Review Guidelines:

I have a long to-read list, but if I’m interested, I’ll finish within 30 days (unless discussed otherwise).

Don’t contact me if you want to pay me for a specific review. I won’t take it. My reviews are 100% honest. (See my Rating Explanation below for more information).

I accept ePub, Mobi, Drive, or Doc formats. (Free review for a free eBook). I like to take notes while I read, so please don’t send me a PDF.
This should go without saying, but I’ll put it in writing: I will not misuse/copy/change your manuscript.

In your request below, please provide: author name, book title, genres, blurb, and deadline (if applicable).

Rating Explanation

I’m a strict book reader and for some reason I try simplifying my crazy analyses to a 1-5 star rating scale. You may notice 1-5 is more like 1-50 as I add decimals to appease my indecisiveness. I may be picky, but I also try to be considerate of others’ opinions. I round up to the nearest whole number on Amazon and Goodreads, but it’s rare for me to hand out perfect 5.0s on my blogsite.
Here’s the gist:

*****5 stars*****: I love it! I think Everyone should read it sometime in their life, and personally, I will happily read it over and over. It’s well written, strong in all 3 story elements (character, plot, setting), and surprises me. I PROMOTE it.

****4 stars****: I like it! It catches my attention though doesn’t necessarily hold it. It might be strong in 2 of the 3 story elements, but might lack in the 3rd element. I DO recommend it.

***3 stars***: It’s alright. It has its ups and downs, pros and cons–maybe it’s fantastic in one aspect, but utterly disappointing in another. It’s balanced. I likely won’t read it again. I CAN recommend it if someone is interested in its specific genre or style.

As an author myself, I know bad ratings can hurt and are often misunderstood. So, if I don’t consider it 3 stars or higher, I don’t rate it.