Dreaming Princesses Series

Dream of England to wake up in Somnus

Funny…Well-written and carefully plotted

Jim Doran, author of the Kingdom series of fairytale retellings

Sleeping Beauty was asleep for a hundred years. What did she dream about?

Behind the Scenes

Waking up is only the beginning.

Spoiler Free Intro to “Dreaming Beauty” (book 1)

Princess Emerald of Somnus planned the perfect ball for her sixteenth birthday. She even modeled it after the midnight masquerades that she and her sisters secretly attended. Everything was perfect…until a poisoned spindle threw her into a deep sleep with vivid dreams of an unknown land: modern England.

In a world of smart phones and cockney, Emerald knows she must be dreaming, especially with her hypoesthesia and strange power over plants. Lost and confused, Emer is welcomed by the Honorables Caden Seaver and Mica Wright. These two sons of lords and best friends went looking for one final adventure to inspire their creative hobbies before family obligations ruled their lives. They never expected to find a lost princess who claimed to be dreaming. Emer’s stories about Somnus might be the perfect solution to Caden’s writer’s block until she starts to influence his heart more than his writing.

The longer that Emer dreams, the more she wonders what’s happening in Somnus, which world is her true home, and how much time she has before the poison spreads through her body. Emer must find a way to wake up and trust her heart before the poison numbs it forever.

Explore the beauties and wonders of today’s England in this fairy tale retelling of Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty. Fans of Disney’s “Enchanted” (2007) and twisted fairy tales may consider this story a dream come true.