Edits and Formats

For genres I do/know best, please check my Books I Like to Read section.

Developmental edits are the first edit for a finished manuscript. This macro-level edit goes over the plots, characters, and storytelling as a whole. This ensures your story’s clear, consistent, flows, and fits its genre(s).
What you can expect: I’ll make in-line comments and a separate editor’s note with my overall thoughts and suggestions regarding the story’s characters, plots, clarity, and genre expectations.
Developmental edits generally take 4 weeks.

If you have a novel (40,000+ words), you may include your first chapter (or 2,000 words) for a FREE sample edit.

Line edits are for cleaning syntax and sentence structures. I’ve been nicknamed “Lady Guillotine” for my chopping conciseness. This micro-level edit looks at individual words and sentences, checking for passive voice, unclear phrases, redundancies, and obvious grammatical errors.
What you can expect: I’ll make in-line suggestions and comments to make your story concise, clear, and active.
Line edits generally take 5 weeks.

If you have a novel (40,000+ words), you may include your first five pages (or 1,000 words) for a FREE sample edit.

Formatting is the final step, after a copy edit/proofread for grammar and punctuation. This is the part where your finished manuscript is turned into a publishable book.
Whether you’re picky with the look of your pages or open to “whatever’s best for my genre,” I can make your book look professional.
What you can expect: I’ll email you with formatting samples. I’ll need your manuscript in a .doc file to format it for eBook and/or paperback. Depending on your pickiness, I will arrange the pages as you desire or research similar books to make your book marketable.
Formats generally take 5-7 days.


Developmental$0.01 per word
Line$0.015 per word


eBook (Kindle & ePub)$50

Here are some examples of formats for eBooks and paperbacks.

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For copy edits or proofreads (grammar and punctuation), I’ve personally used Salt and Sage Editing, Eschler Editing, and Cookie Lynn Publishing.

*Requests will be evaluated according to my schedule and may or may not be accepted.