Don't Date the Haunted

First Sentence

Reveal of the very first sentence of “Don’t Date the Haunted!”

The night is silent around me save for the gentle roar of the freeway and subtle buzz of my computer.

But that’s typical at 1:00 AM

First sentences can be key to catching a reader’s attention. Authors and editors worry and fret over them much more than the average reader even thinks to consider.

My first sentences generally aren’t too shabby, but I only assume this because I get a lot of compliments from my writing group. I’ve started my unpublished short stories with

Battle drums steadily grew louder, closing the distance between dreams and war.



Like any other ill-fated Halloween outing, we had no idea what dangers were ahead.

The Final Night of October

I’ll publish those someday.

In the meantime, I’m super excited to reveal the first sentence of “Don’t Date the Haunted!” I had two (not just one) editors suggest that I use this sentence as my first.
Without further ado, here it is!

Just in case the font or picture doesn’t show up well, here it is again:

Alone was a dangerous status in Horror Zone.

– Don’t Date the Haunted

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