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“Squint” a Little More

“Squint,” by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown

I wish there were more books like “Squint,” by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown.

Even as an adult, I love reading the Middle Readers, because of the imagination and humor.  But too few Middle Reader books deal with REAL problems. Even if your kid has a “perfect” family and life, books like “Squint” and “Mustaches for Maddie” can help your kid understand the struggles that others go through.
“Squint” doesn’t just deal with bullying (with an eye-opening perspective) and making friends, but also the real-life situations of kids raised by their grandparents, kids dealing with health problems, with the possible loss of sight, and loss of a loved one…

As a loner kid raised by a widow, I appreciated these perspectives.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get into as it begins with a lot of comic description, and I wanted the actual comic pictures.  Half-way through the book, I realized why they didn’t include them, but I do think including the drawings would have been better suited for Middle Readers.

Without giving any spoilers, the ending is perfect.  It ends happily, but doesn’t bend the characters or their situations to fit the mold of a “happily ever after.”  It’s satisfying with closure and hope for the future.

“Squint” will be available in stores October 2nd.

3 replies on ““Squint” a Little More”

Now that I think about it, the excuse for not including the pictures would have been solved if they included the comics As Flint Saw Them.  If they had done that, this book very likely would have been a 5 star.  2nd Edition, perhaps?  Hah!


I really enjoyed this book as well. I also wondered about why the comics weren’t included. Although when he does “see” them for the first time, I did find it interesting that all we had to go by was his reaction and then the other characters’ reactions. (I wonder if seeing the comics might have distracted us from what was really important to the story.) That said, I still wanted to SEE the comics!


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