Book Review

I’d Hire this Wizard

“Wizard for Hire,” by Obert Skye

I read all of Obert Skye’s “Leven Thumps” books, and I’ll admit, my favorite part is his creative twist and play on words.  In this regard, “Wizard for Hire” did not disappoint.  True, this characteristic makes Clark (Ozzy’s robotic bird) and Clover (Leven’s sycophant) pretty much the same character, but whatever, play with words like they’re play-dough. I literally laughed out loud for several scenes.

The plot actually takes a bit to get to the hiring of the wizard, Rin, but that time is not wasted.  We’re introduced to Ozzy, whose parents are kidnapped and he’s left for dead at the age of 7 in a cabin house with no roads and neighbors for miles around.  Thankfully, his parents hadn’t planned on seeing society anytime soon and he’s able to survive on canned/dried food and the company of his dad’s “smart” bird until he’s 14.
As a recluse who knows nothing about society, he decides to drop into high school with the only tools he figures he’ll need: a pencil and pocket knife.  Oh, boy . . .

There is a little bit of a “Music Man” feel as Ozzy and everyone wonders whether Rin’s really a wizard, or just an off-his-rocker con-man.  Regardless, he’s loving and lovable, and teaches the teenagers and readers that everyday life can be magical.  Quote Arthur C. Clark, “Magic is just technology we don’t yet understand.”

So, I actually recently went to a Sci-Fi / Fantasy convention featuring Todd McCaffrey and he talked about this same idea.  Seriously, if ten years ago, you told someone about a Tablet, they’d think it was magical.  Just twenty years ago, what was a phone?  Something on a chord?  Pull out your smart phone and BAM magic at your fingertips!

I recommend “Wizard for Hire” to anyone who enjoys punny jokes and wants to see more magic in their everyday lives. ****4.7 stars*****

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

PS. I’d totally have breakfast for every meal.

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