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The Other Side of a Review

Having previously read and reviewed Camron Wright’s “Orphan Keeper,” I was interested to see what was in “The Other Side of the Bridge,” even though the back cover description turned me off.  Guy and a girl with struggles and living across the states, but mysteriously drawn to the Golden Gate Bridge?  Sleepless in Seattle?  Please no.

**** 4 Stars ****

So I was thankfully, gratefully, pleasantly, (insert relieved adverbs here) surprised and intrigued to find that it was more meaningful and deep than ‘fate brought us together’ cheese and corn.  Small Spoiler:  there’s a love interest, but the main two perspectives do not become an item.

No, it’s much more.

It’s like a motorcycle ride across the states with beautiful scenes, highs and lows, and fascinating history.

It’s a story of a devastated man, and a stressed woman.  Both are lonely and heartbroken, but in different ways.

Though it’s not based on a true story, the characters, their problems, and how they struggle feel very real.  It can feel a bit ‘fateful’ or ‘God’s hand’ at times, but after “Orphan Keeper,” (a true life story that is insanely “coincidental”) it’s not surprising.

I’m not a history buff, but I really enjoyed the depth that Mr. Wright went into about the Golden Gate Bridge, and the people who built it.  This book doesn’t have a lot for setting except concerning the bridge, but the depth he puts into it is beautiful and very well done.

“The Other Side of the Bridge” is missing that final star because I’m more likely to pick up “Orphan Keeper” again before this one.  It was fascinating, just not my favorite.  Maybe if it had also been “based on a true story” (which it easily could have – considering the comparable struggles the characters face) then it might have hit that 5.

This book will be available on March 6th, 2018.

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