Book Review

The First Six Sparks of Michael Vey

So, it’s been SUPER slow at work, and one thing we book store employees like to do (when all the shipment, organizing, cleaning/dusting, and regular customer service is complete) is “familiarize ourselves with the product.”  In other words, we pick books off the shelves and read (I really should just use the library more often).  These last few months have been slow enough that I read the entire Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans.

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The first one was probably my favorite simply because it’s the introduction to the characters and their peculiar lives.  Michael Vey is just a normal high schooler, trying to not get himself locked inside his own locker.  Except he has a hidden electric ability to shock people.  These spur new friendships and enemies.  Though the plot arch is tried and true (typical teen thrown into big-world problems), the concept and exploration of various electric powers feels unique and original.

After book one, the series takes the pace of a special ops TV show.  While they go on one big mission per book and face deadly odds, the characters don’t change a lot.  Sure, all six books happen within about six months, but their trials force them to grow up.  By the 6th book it’s hard to imagine these characters are still 17 years old.  Michael becomes more romantic, Ostin becomes more socially adequate (he’s my favorite character – we’d totally be friends in real life), and a few of the other electric teens question their upbringing.  But I still wanted more character development.

I was also a little surprised by Richard Paul Evans as an author.  These are the first books I’ve read by him, but I know he normally writes cheesy romances and Christmas stories, comparable to a cleaner Nicolas Sparks.  This series is quite the opposite (which is good, since it’s for teens and from a guy’s perspective), filled with high adventure and very little emotion with the romantic scenes.  The most vulgar parts of this series are the forms of death and torture used by the enemy (which are horrifying, but not terribly graphic).

Whatever.  I read all six books and only skimmed a few parts, so that’s good marks for me.  Book One is ****3.8 stars***, but the rest are closer to **2.3 to 2.8 stars***.  I’m curious enough to read the 7th and final book when it comes out.

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Final book coming out Sept. 12?  Awesome.  I can wait a month.

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