Book Review

The Rest of Alcatraz Versus Evil Librarians

You can find my review of the first book in this series here>> Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians

In case you haven’t read the first book, or have less interest in this randomly hilarious series, I figured I’d blog my reviews for each of these books within a single post.


Alcatraz is on his way to Nalhala (where Grandpa Smedry and other Free Kingdomers live), but plans go array when he learns his father has gone to the legendary Library of Alexandria.  Take a book off the shelf, and your soul belongs to its ghost-like librarians.  They must wind their way through its laberynth of traps with a creepy cyborg-ish bounty hunter on their trail.
Entertaining as the first, this delves deeper (literally and figuratively) into the Librarian World.  Some of their saves are a bit coincidental, but it is a middle-reader after all.
***3.5 stars***


Alcatraz makes it to Nalhala and finds out: he’s AWESOME!  As the heir to the Smedry line and gifted with the breaking talent, Alcatraz finds himself in the lap of castle luxury with fans abounding.  Bastile however, finds herself on trial for her knighthood.
“The Knights of Crystallia” takes an interesting turn in world-exploration as we see the Free Kingdom world of Nalhala, and explore its culture, politics, and way of life.  Not a lot actually happens plot-wise though….
***3.3 stars***


Fighting in the war for Mokia, Alcatraz decides he’s “stoopid.”  Mixing up the chapters’ numbered titles to prove his point (and also to drive the orderly librarians insane), he continues to meet/make friends including exploding teddy bears.  As comical and clever as ever, I would have been a little irked if I read this series five years ago and found out this was where it ended.  Sure, things tie up with a hope for the future, but without actually seeing it, there’s that lingering question:  Does it really?  And how?
***3.4 stars***


Luckily, Brandon Sanderson bought back the rights to this series to “finish” it off with this book (and reprint it with comical pictures!).  Unfortunately, it ends exactly as it said it would from the very beginning of book one.  While it’s a relief to have a “conclusion,” it’s a bit depressing and feels more like a cliff-hanger than resolution.  I can see why Scholastic didn’t want to publish it, but I hope Bastille’s final note becomes a sequel series of “Bastille Versus the Evil Librarians.” ;D  I’d read it if anything because I think her perspective would be hilarious.
***3 stars***

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