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First, But Not Only Book Review

The good news is I’ve read 9 books to review!  Two of those are from Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatraz series, so I’ll probably review books 2-5 together.  You can find my review to book one here.

Anyway, the best way to say sorry for my absence is to prove my words: let me make it up to you by presenting the first of many book reviews to come.


“First and Only” by Peter Flannery, is in the film-making works (trailers look a bit B-rated), but at least it looks like it’ll stay true to the story.  “First and Only” refers to the world’s first and possibly only true psychic, named Psimon.  Not only can he read minds and see the future, but he can move things with his mind.  Problem is, his future sees his own death by the hands of a satanic serial killer, and he only has one week until then.

Mostly told from the perspective of a newly hired body guard, the main pull to “First and Only” is the plot.  The characters are a bit stereotypical minus the main two protagonists, who have some extra background and motives.  They’re done well enough, but their actions are sometimes questionable.

This book is probably better tagged as vague “fiction” than “urban fantasy,” since the only fantasy elements are the psychosis.  Otherwise, it’s set in our today’s world, with skeptics and newscasters, government policies, and religions.  See how those could be a problem for a young man who claims psychic powers?  If you don’t, then go ahead and give this a read, because it is interesting how Mr. Flannery explores the possibilities and problems of a real psychic in our world.

****4 stars****

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