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White Sand: Graphic Novel Review

I’ve now read three graphic novels.  Funny enough, my first two were for a university class (though not for the class I audited twice with Prof. Sanderson).

****4 Stars****

“White Sand” is unlike any other Brandon Sanderson novel, in that it’s primarily read through pictures.  Growing up, I read the Sunday comics and “Maus” 1&2 at university, but it was definitely a learning experience as I followed the path and read all 1,000 words from each scene.  The pictures are very detailed and I found myself playing “I Spy” with a few of them.  That said, I understand why Mr. Sanderson formatted this story differently.  The descriptions needed for the complex magic system, various characters, and intricate settings would have pushed this introductory book of 160 pages to 400+.

I say “introductory” because it definitely feels like a PART 1, not a BOOK 1.  You’re introduced to a various set of characters, settings, and plots… and then it ends.  The ending isn’t unsatisfactory, but it definitely feels like the ending of only the beginning.  My husband (who reads a good amount of manga) says that’s normal for the comic genre – to give you just a little bit at a time.  Personally, it irked me.

Even still, I enjoyed it.  With the various main characters, I still feel invested in each of them – their motives and concerns.  I’m interested in the world and its mix of cultures.  Some of the characters feel similar to Mr. Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, and I’m more than okay with that. So, I give “White Sand” a solid ****4 Stars****.  One question I have to ask though, if this is part of the Sanderson Cosmere – Where was Hoid!? 😛

My next review will be another book by an author I love that’s written in a format unusual to the author.  Yes, I’m talking about “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” XD

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