Book Review

It’s About Time

It’s about time I wrote another book review blog post, and guess what?  It’s about time… literally.

Though, in case you’re interested, I succeeded my Camp NaNoWriMo goal!  While I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for reading, by doubling my usual writing goal, I was able to finish my novel and get a heavy start in a new one!

Anyway, time to get back on track.

“The Time Machine” doesn’t have a delorean or Christopher Lloyd, but the nameless Time-Traveler of H.G. Wells’ novella has an adventure of his own, going to the year 803,000 AD.  At least he won’t have anyone bugging him about “where are our hover boards?”

**** 4 Stars ****

The entire adventure is told from the comforts of a London home, as the Time Traveler returned from his adventure.  Sharing his experience to fellow scholars and journalists, the scientist-inventor focused on the nature of humans, and theorizes how our world today could lead to the distant and strange future.

This isn’t a regular novel to be graded by its setting, plot, and character.  It’s a novella based primarily on its theories: is time-travel possible? what would happen to the human species? what would happen to the Earth as a whole? what types of complications would a time-traveler have?

Still, it does have bits of the elements, as we get to know a character of the future- Wina – almost as well as the Time-Traveler himself (which isn’t a lot).  There’s an adventurous feel to the plot as the Time-Traveler learns about the cultures of the future, the fears and reasons for the fears.  There’s also an element of mystery as the Time-Traveler goes about seeking answers and wonders about the future world and how it came to be.

Rating: ****4 Stars****.  It is a classic and for all its theorizing and scientific ideas, it’s not too difficult to understand.  Albeit’s simplifications and shortness, it does require some brain work to comprehend.

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