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Hey, sorry I didn’t post anything the past couple weeks.  I actually did finish a book this weekend, but I was asked not to publicly review it, since it is still in draft mode.  If you’ll see in my Goodreads widget to the right, there are some exciting reviews coming up!

As for now, it’s been a pretty exciting time in my life, providing wonderful distractions from reading.  One of these is the recent purchase of my dream camera!  I’ve been wanting a Digital SLR (interchangeable lenses) for years, and finally got my chosen Nikon D3300!  It’s beautiful, but I’m realizing how much I need to relearn about fancy cameras (my reading lately has comprised of the User’s Manual…).

Another exciting event for me was recently hitting the 50,000+ word mark on one of my novels!  (insert ecstatic exclamation)  The power of setting goals is real. It’s also been crazy because while I’ve been working on this post-apocalyptic comedy, I also got a new idea for a… horror?  I hesitate to say that, because it’s also a romantic comedy with a fantasy flair.  I don’t expect myself to be reading the Twilight series as ‘research’ though.  Anyway, here’s the pitch:

Pansy is a survivor on the continent of Horror, but with the death of her fiance, she’s afraid of becoming the next victim. Escaping to the Regency of Romance, Pansy finds her new surroundings… skeptical. Can people really live so care-free? She’s been raised to deal with Hauntings, but surviving college classes and the Mystery Department asking about her fiance’s death, might get truly horrifying.

I’m planning on working on it next month for Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which has me pretty excited.  But warning, I might not get all my reading done with how busy I’ll be writing. 😛

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