Book Review

Calamity of the Reckoners Finale

I’ve been pretty spoiled so far this year, concerning the great books I’ve read.  Sure, there were two 2-star books in the beginning, but lately I’ve been diving into some great books.  Maybe my expectations were ‘epic level,’ but somehow I wasn’t as impressed by Brandon Sanderson’s “Calamity.”

As the finale of the Reckoner’s series (beginning with “Steelheart”), I was… expecting more plot-wise.  I wrote about “Steelheart” and “Firefight” in a previous review, saying the first book felt somewhat predictable because it followed the author’s typical plot.  I enjoyed the second one more, because it took turns I couldn’t have expected.  “Calamity”… kind of fell back into the typical.  There were still unanticipated twists (that’s not a spoiler alert.  It’s a novel.  Of course there will be plot twists), but they didn’t surprise me like they did in “Firefight.”

Don’t get me wrong, the setting is still insanely creative and would probably be impossible to imagine if it wasn’t Brandon Sanderson explaining it.  I mean, it’s the city of Atlanta rebuilt as salt and constantly moving by collapsing and rebuilding itself every week – like I said, it makes sense only because Mr. Sanderson explains it. 😛

And the characters are still interesting, as they’re working together in new ways, though the tension isn’t between team-members (as there were subplots during the first two books), but entirely focused against the antagonists.  Some characters are given a little more explanation… though I got confused when it came to the alternate realities.  Sorry, but there are simply WAY too many possibilities and loopholes (hah- inside joke with book) with the concept, so I was unable to grasp it, leaving me a little less satisfied.

Do I still suggest this series as a great introduction to Brandon Sanderson?  Most definitely.  It’s weird in a creative and thoughtful way, comical with abounding similes and wit, and resolves well by bringing ideas from the previous books back into play.

Final status: a high standing ***3 stars*** (basically the same as “Steelheart”)

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