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Review for “Six Wings”

You know I’m pretty hard to impress, but”Six Wings” by Kylie Malchus actually surprised me… in fact, I’d even say I was impressed.

“Six Wings” is a story about a young man who dies and is forced to watch his wife learn to live without him.  Ms. Malchus does a great job of portraying the emotions of love, depression, and jealousy.  Yes, they’re a bit dramatic, but let’s face it: death and trying to move on from losing a loved one is a dramatic time.  I think I was also better able to appreciate the story and emotions of it because I’m a newlywed and was raised by a widow.  Considering this, I thought the romantic pace was a little fast.  Women tend to take much longer to move on, and the man of interest moves fast, though this speed keeps the story going at a good rate.

I very much appreciated how CLEAN “Six Wings” was.  They’re married, but appropriate about it (they were maybe a little too appropriate, when he gives her privacy in the bathroom.  Yeah, privacy’s not a thing after marriage.) 😛  When people curse, it says, “he cursed.”  I’m just fine with that.  If you’re not a fan of the name-calling “dirtbag,” be warned, there’s a lot of that in a few scenes.  Personally, I wasn’t bothered.

It’s hard to pin it for a specific audience though.  It has a good amount (good in quality and quantity) of comic relief, though I wouldn’t place it as a comedy.  There were some nights I went to bed a bit freaked out from it, but I wouldn’t say it’s a horror.  It’s definitely a modern romance, but it’s clean enough for 5th graders.  All things considered, I think it could be enjoyed by various readers.

Ms. Malchus is also an illustrator, so there are a few pictures throughout the book.  Her drawings of the various romantic settings are pretty detailed and don’t give any of the story away (very nice for those who like to look at all the pictures before actually reading the book). 😉

I could say more, but I’ll leave it here, with a well-earned ****4 stars****.  Good job Kylie! 😀

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