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Reflections on Heaven’s Shadow

“Heaven’s Shadow,” by Jeff Downs, is an older and less popular book, so I’ll keep this brief.

In my mind, I can quickly and easily summarize this entire book as a “Covenant Communications’ teen space novel.”  This is how it breaks down:

Space: it’s set in another system of two worlds.

Teen: Coming of age novel with gushy romance and a plot to take down a corrupt government.

Covenant Communications: anything by this publisher has some minor editing issues and is obviously Mormon. What I mean by this, is though they don’t always spell out any specific religion, they’re heavy with morals, gushy romantic (though strictly PG), characters can be over-dramatic, and there’s always a cheesy happy ending.  Think: Hallmark for Christians.

This book actually surprised me a bit for being a Covenant Communication, because this was the first sci-fi I’d seen from them.  For it being a genre they don’t normally work in, it’s not bad.  I’m simply not the type to faun over anything of their style (as listed above).

If I find myself laughing at the serious moments, because they’re that cheesy, it won’t get more than **2 stars.**

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