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Dirtier than “A Dirty Job”

My moral bubble was stabbed like a pin cushion on this one.  I’m surprised I actually finished Christopher Moore’s “A Dirty Job” with my audible shouting the F-bomb every 10 seconds.  That’s not even counting the sexual innuendos and blatant crude jokes and scenes.  It’s really hard for me to separate the story from the words on this one, to give it a proper review, so I’ll keep it simple.

Characters:  3-dimensional, though probably still closer to animation than live-action.  They’re overflowing with flaws (which adds to the humor), and barely enough strengths to get by.  What makes them interesting is their quirks, where they also overflow and drives the various sub-plots.

Setting: simple.  New York with demons – specifically antique shops.

Plot: this is where the story weighs the heaviest, since it is a comedy.  The humor and problems of working with death is the main attraction for this book, though most of the humor is crass and the main plot lacks climatic tension.

If you enjoy crude humor, than go ahead, enjoy.  Unfortunately, in my books this only gets *1 star*.  It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever pick up another Christopher Moore book.  On the plus side, reading Stephen King and Brent Weeks now feels PG.

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