Requests! :D

Hey, so you may have noticed the revamped site and switched around widgets and menus to cater to your needs (or at least, that’s their intention).  One of these additions is a Review Request (seen to the right) >>>>>

Even though I have a few lists of classics and contemporary novels to read, I figure you’d like me to review books that actually interest you.  The problem is, I don’t know what those are unless you tell me (my telepathy only works on a couple choice people).

You may also see that I’ve added a Goodreads widget to the right menu. >>>>>

It shows what I’m currently reading – to preview the upcoming reviews.  At the moment, the request queue goes as follows:

Personal tangible: Mr. Mercedes (Stephen King), Finders Keepers (Stephen King), The Blinding Knife (Brent Weeks), Heaven’s Shadow (Jeff Downs).

Audible: After I finish A Dirty Job (Christopher Moore), then it’ll be The Time Machine (HG Wells), Lock & Key (Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill), then The Hobbit (JRR Tolkien).

Digital: The Einstein Prophesy (Robert Masello), Six Wings (Kylie Malchus)… -I could use some more suggestions here! 🙂

Aloud w/ Husband: Shadows of Self (Brandon Sanderson), …not sure what we’ll read as we wait for the release of Bands of Mourning (Brandon Sanderson), then Calamity (Brandon Sanderson).

Can you guess my husband’s favorite author? 😉  So, these are the reviews you’ll be seeing in the near future! 😀

UPDATE: This list has been switched around a bit, due to preferences of readers. – 1/12/16

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