Book Review

Fact: “The Book of Mormon”

BONUS BOOK REVIEW!  I don’t know why I don’t include my daily scripture reading in my book count.  Anyway, I didn’t warn you about this, but here’s a book review on “The Book of Mormon,” because I finished it last week.  In my personal studies, I’m now beginning “The Bible’s” “The Old Testament” and am in the middle of studying “The New Testament” with my husband.

I understand that since this is a religious book, my review may be controversial.  I don’t care.  I’m not saying anything to stick any fingers in any faces (at least not on purpose).  If you get offended – please forgive me, and get over it – it’s the internet for crying out loud.

Still, I’ll begin with a scholarly review.  I figure I can get away with the professional “scholarly” word because I have studied Christian scriptures thoroughly in grade and university levels for over 8 years.

“The Book of Mormon” is considered a book of historical significance.  Whether or not you believe it to be a true account of the ancient native Americans and their wars and dealings with God, this singular book has made a significant impact on the history of the United States, the expansion West, and global religion.

Yes, it’s a historical account, so it’s not the typical plot/setting/character book.  It’s meant to be studied, and re-read multiple times for new understanding.  Even still, as a writer/editor/reader/book-reviewer I am impressed by the real emotions expressed by characters like Nephi, Alma, and both Moroni’s.  I get excited by the power of prophets as they protect with incredible strength, prophesy of future events, and are saved by nothing short of miracles.  There are heroes and there are villains.  The best stories are those inspired by real events.

Like in ALL religious texts, there will be biases.  I have a different perspective on the “Torah” verses a devout Jew, and because I’m a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have a different perspective than many others in the world in regards to “The Book of Mormon.”

I believe ALL scripture of ALL faiths can, and should be, tested the same: read it, pray about it, and learn for yourself if it’s truly from God.

I have done this for “The Book of Mormon,” and have learned for myself that it is true.  For this reason alone, I give it a perfect *****5 Stars*****.

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