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Wrapping my Head around “Brain Web”

To start off, I really enjoyed Douglas E. Richards’ “Wired.”  He presents intriguing ideas through science and technology, and explores every possible scenario of where new discoveries could take us (how they could be used, misused, and abused).  I like his writing because he obviously does his research and presents it in a fashion that’s editorially clean, smooth, and easy to follow.

Specifically in “Brain Web,” we follow the modern adventures and trials of a mind reader.  He also has the capability to surf the web with his brain, and this is where the main plot focuses (since mind-surfing is new science that can be manufactured, and bought).  Again, I really like how Richards looks at possible pros and cons to new technology and uses them to drive the plot.  Since it’s incredibly plot-heavy, the characters kind of fall into roles and are most defined by the ways they think.

I would have liked this book enough to give it 3.5 stars, EXCEPT it took a big hit on my moral bubble when it dropped the F-Bomb SEVERAL times and drew a few sexual scenes and innuendos.  Funny enough, during the longest scene of romance, my kindle actually showed a blank page.  Seriously, just the one. I went to the next page and figured out the important stuff that happened, and the romance was already done.  I’m not sure what happened to lose that page, but I’m not complaining. 😛

Anyway, with all that, I’m afraid “Brain Web” gets **2** stars.  I would have liked it… except.

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