It’s a little troubling when you come to the part in stories where everything seems fine…  Almost every book and movie has it:  that moment when Bilbo stays in Rivendell, or Harry wins the big quidditch game, Tris and Four have their first kiss, or Hiccup convinces Astrid that dragons are awesome.  That moment when you can step back and breathe with satisfaction… but then you also recognize, this isn’t the end.  You’re not done yet…. so you know more problems are coming… in fact, they are Just.  Around. the Corner.

Sure, right now, it’s okay.  You’re satisfied, but only to a point … because in the back of your mind … you know it’s about to get crazy. 😛

Ever been in a moment like that in real life?  I have.  A few times, actually, where my biggest worry is that I have nothing to worry about.  It makes the moments harder to enjoy, because I’m freaking about “this is too good to be true,” “what’s going to happen next?”  Maybe for you, it’s that moment when you think “I have all my Christmas shopping done!” or “Finals are over!”

Honestly, I’m almost in a moment like that now.  Everything seems stable, even controllable.  But a wise man once said, “Control is the greatest illusion of man.”  That’s where the rest of the story fills in.  Take this time to renew, regenerate, rejuvenate, so you’ll have strength in the epic battle, whatever it is.  Good luck! 🙂

In case you’re interested, this blog was inspired by “The Way of Kings” (chapters 26-27), by Brandon Sanderson

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