Now That’s a Novel Idea!

Yes, I know, I’m already working on three heavily involved novels, and I have seven more ideas I’d like to work on….  But I’ve already had two dreams to inspire this world and now a game I’ve recently played with my family.  Here’s a quick introduction I wrote today on one of the characters:

As much as she hates flying, she hates flying over the ocean most.  Tami tries to focus on the people, the trolley in front of her, the bags and feet sticking out in the aisle keeping her from rolling forward, but there’s nowhere to hide on a plane.  Her peripheral can’t escape the little open windows, letting in light.   They surround her, constantly reminding her that she’s in a mere bullet shell, flying over a never ending expanse of blue waves.

She lists off the lunch menu to each passenger, because they weren’t listening when she talked to their new enemies beside them.  “What drink would you like with that?”

A light catches Tami’s eye from beyond the window.  The waves.  They glisten from the sunlight, inviting her, waving her to join them, to play with them.  She can almost see the water moving up and down in bumps, jumping for her.  Her feet feel heavy, and she feels she might sink through the floor and plummet down.

Breathing deeply, she hands the passenger a water bottle, hoping she’s the only one to notice the miniature waves in the bottle’s neck.  She shoots a quick glance back through the window as the ocean waves goodbye.  It’s taunting her, knowing it’ll catch her again in the next row.

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